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Mar 11

You’ve spent hours developing your new blog and preparing to publish your first post. After months of hard work, you’re finally ready for the big unveiling.

The only thing you need now is readers.

Driving traffic to your blog is relatively straightforward – and pretty simple – if you’re willing to invest the time necessary to spread the word. Today we’re going to discuss the five top ways to spread the word about your blog, starting with content.

Tips Blog SEO

Tips Blog SEO


Remember that old saying, “Content is king?” Well, consider it your mantra from now on, if it isn’t already. Your blog readers want valuable content they can use, not keyword riddled paragraphs they have to wade through to find a nugget of information.

Your readers aren’t the only ones demanding quality. Google and other search engines, with their latest algorithm changes, have made it their mission to weed out content farms and other websites with keyword-stuffed drivel.

Imagine that you provide high quality content. Then your readers are going to be much more likely to spread the word about your blog. So, while it’s not really a direct way to getting the word out about your blog, it is the most important aspect of getting people interested and driving traffic to your website.


People love Twitter. It’s a fast and an effective way to get the word out about your blog and to share your new posts with your followers. Excited followers will re-tweet, spreading your message even further.

Build your follower base by following others in your industry. You’ll quickly find that when you follow one person, you will likely gain a slew of new followers that might be interested in reading your blog. Twitter regularly for success.


LinkedIn can be a powerful networking tool and an effective way to spread the word about your new blog. If you don’t already have a profile on LinkedIn, invest the time in building one. Ensure that you complete as much of the profile as possible, and include links to both your blog and to your Twitter account.

LinkedIn allows you to post updates, much like Facebook, and attach files that your connections can see. Your connections will be alerted when you post a new Tweet. You can also join groups, another great way to get the word out about your blog, and expand your network through your connections.

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Jun 10

Okay, engagement is cliché, forget about it. Think of it this way. If you’re a website / product / service owner, how would you measure success with engagement on social media ? One often repeated factor is social media engagement. Build a community around your site on social media, and if you can retain the community with a good chunk of loyal folks, you’re half way through.

Once you create a community, you could do anything with it. Sell stuff, branch out to different levels, you could diversify to different products – anything. The community remains the core.

But that’s easily said than done. Building a community is most important as well as most difficult.

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