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Mar 11

Facebook as an advertising platform can be difficult for some marketers to wrap their heads around. If there is no literal “interest” in Facebook’s targeting interface some marketers will wipe their hands of the platform and declare, “My customers aren’t on Facebook” and go back to AdWords and AdCenter. #facepalm.

Facebook Targeting

Facebook Targeting

One group of people marketers would love to get their ads in front of are the affluent. There is no way to target strictly job titles, incomes, or property values on Facebook unless you think outside the box.

First, think about what Facebook asks the users to disclose:

  • Where you live
  • Education
  • Workplace
  • Religion
  • Political Views
  • People Who Inspire You
  • Favorite Games
  • Sports you Play
  • Sports Teams
  • Athletes
  • Activities/Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Music
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Television
  • Languages

Identifying what your affluent target market would reveal about themselves when prompted by these questions is the secret sauce.

Article by Merry Morud from Search Engine Watch

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Feb 11

As Facebook has entered the mainstream marketing mix, marketers are having to decide how much of their budget to divert from other channels into social campaigns.

Because search gets the lion’s share of a digital marketing budget, it might seem like the most likely candidate for a cutback — after all, there’s usually so much of it. But marketers might want to think twice before jumping to that conclusion, because it may very well be a blind leap of faith.

Targeting search vs facebook

Targeting search vs facebook

In the last year alone, the only thing more impressive than Facebook’s growth has been the buzz around it. Users, page views, estimated value, and a Hollywood blockbuster all seem to point to “the next big thing” — something that all marketers should want to be part of.

In reality, Facebook marketing offers a very different value proposition from search marketing, and results-driven marketers can still get a much better return our of search than they can out of social.

Article by Guillaume Bouchard from Search Engine Watch

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Sep 10

September has been a busy month for us with the addition of Oral HCG and Tahiti Honeymoons as new clients. Tahiti Honeymoons is one of the services offered by a San Diego based travel agency that specializes … well …in honeymoons. We are looking forward to driving more young couple looking for an extraordinary honeymoons to their various web sites. Some packages start from $1,500 which seems very reasonable. For more information, explore their various options.

What we like in particular about our new client is their expertise in a wide range of geographies, such as Tahiti, Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbeans. It will definitely keep us challenged and entertained.


SEM Valet's offices move to Tahiti.

Apr 10

Being an international search guy, I’m often asked which is smarter: developing a multilingual strategy around a language or a country. Both strategies have benefits and challenges, but before you commence your program, make sure you know exactly your path. It’s much easier to get it right in the beginning, rather than re-engineering your site after the fact.

Although every need and budget is different, here are some benefits and challenges associated with each tactic.

Article By Michael Bonfils, Search Engine Watch. Read the full article here.