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Jun 10

So, Google Caffeine update is now complete. It had started few months (years) ago, and had been silently updating since then. And not to mention all the speculations on what it is and how it affects the search engine results. Google have never given us full details on what it is, and how it worked, and even now when the whole thing is live, all we get is a simple diagram and some vague notes. But that’s the way its always been.

Bur from what we understand from the little details we have, is that Google probably is now giving more importance to “content freshness”. As they say that Caffeine now updates content more frequently with lesser latency, and considering the fact that page speed and frequency of updates, are considered important this probably is a huge factor. We don’t know how much yet, but still.

Article from Daily SEO Blog

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Jun 10

Jobs announces at the WWDC keynote that iPhone will now offer Microsoft’s Bing as a search engine.  Google’s search engine will remain the default, but users will now be able to choose Bing, in addition to Yahoo, which has been an option for some time.

Bing and Yahoo on iphone 4

Photo credit: gdgt