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Nov 10

New AdWords features such as Product ads, Sitelinks and Click-to-call allow you to create more interactive ads. Product ads and Sitelinks help customers find the most relevant pages on your website and Click-to-call allows customers to call your business directly from the search results.

As ads become more interactive, you might want to know how they’ll impact your business’s key metrics like clicks, click-through-rates and, most importantly, conversions.

To help answer this question, we’ve added a new report to your AdWords account that allows you to measure the performance of each click type you’re using. You can think of a click type as how your customers interact with your ads. Did they click on the headline, a sitelink, or some other aspect of your ad?

You can access the new click type report in the Campaign, Ad groups or Keywords tabs. Select “Segment” then “Click type.

Google ad Segment

Google ad Segment

Article by Nathania Lozada from Inside AdWords crew

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Jun 10

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our advertising program, we’re testing an updated AdWords billing interface that’s designed to make the payment process easier and more flexible.

We’ve just started the testing process with a small group of U.S. advertisers, and we’re inviting eligible advertisers to participate so we can incorporate your feedback into the changes we’re working on. Although your billing method and form of payment won’t change, you’ll have access to some snazzy new features. If you already have the new Billing tab, your Billing Summary page will look like this:

Article from Dan Friedman, Inside AdWords crew

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