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Jun 10

Google give you tools to support your soccer team. You can download special Google Chrome themes and iGoogle themes, find a place to watch the match using Google Maps, explore South Africa using Google Street View and see updates about games in real time using Google search!

All of this tools are available on Google WorldCup page.

Jun 10
Today, Google is showing you two basic logos or “Doodles” based on the country you live in. Most people outside the U.S. are seeing a FIFA World Cup logo for the start of the tournament, while people in the U.S. are seeing Jacques Cousteau Doodle for his 100th birthday.

The main FIFA Google Doodle is this one:
Google FIFA Worldcup

But Google is showing a special FIFA Doodle in South Africa & France for Doodle 4 Google competition winners.
Google fifa worldcup south africa
Google South Africa

Google FIFA Worldcup French logo
Google France

Article by Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land

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