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Sep 10

September has been a busy month for us with the addition of Oral HCG and Tahiti Honeymoons as new clients. Tahiti Honeymoons is one of the services offered by a San Diego based travel agency that specializes … well …in honeymoons. We are looking forward to driving more young couple looking for an extraordinary honeymoons to their various web sites. Some packages start from $1,500 which seems very reasonable. For more information, explore their various options.

What we like in particular about our new client is their expertise in a wide range of geographies, such as Tahiti, Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbeans. It will definitely keep us challenged and entertained.


SEM Valet's offices move to Tahiti.

Jun 10

If you own a website, you’re already doing SEO. The e-commerce platform you choose, information architecture of your site, product marketing copy, meta data, and more all affect your organic listings in search engines from day one.

As you continue managing the site, you’re constantly changing your search engine visibility, so it’s important to know if things are on the right track. It takes a combination of several quantitative and qualitative measurements to get a good grasp on the state of your SEO.

Article by John Greer, Search Engine Watch

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Apr 10

This week, we’ll provide you with some guidance for measuring the results of these changes.

With AdWords, you can see how successful your advertising is by monitoring the statistics in your account. Understanding these statistics allows you to assess your results and further tweak your campaigns for even better performance.

Article from Google’s official blog.

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