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Sep 11

A common misconception is retargeting can only be used to serve ads to customers who have previously visited a web site. Anyone has probably experienced seeing ads that resemble a product they have seen on a retailer’s web site.  And feel the ads are following them on the Internet. This is a highly effective method for advertisers, let alone arguable a better customer experience for shoppers.

But retargeting does not stop there. In a previous post, I described how smart marketers can use search retargeting as another way to attract more customers. Search retargeting, by showing ads to in-market shoppers who have searched for related keywords in the search engines, expand the poll of potential shoppers dramatically. You can now target customers, whether or not they have visited your web site.

Recently my new employer (Chango) unveiled 5 additional types of retargeting. It would not do any justice to go through those without showing the fantastic infographic they put together.