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Apr 11

Facebook page statistics is a gold mine of information when it comes to social media marketing. Unfortunately, not everyone except the admin would be able to access the statistics of a facebook page. But now, its possible to find out the demographics and statistics of any facebook page (almost) easily.

The new tool that let’s you do it is called LikeAudience. It lets you do two things.

One – It lets you search facebook pages by demographic. For instance, if you’re searching for pages where females, within the age range of 20-25, who’re generally happy flock, then you can tweak these settings, and search giving you the list of pages that has a matching profile of members.

Facebook Statistics Page

Facebook Statistics Page

his is a great tool for brands to fish out target audience (if it works well that is). As of now there seems to be a database of facebook pages and their user statistics, so the data we get while searching is not 100% accurate.

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