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Jul 10

Let’s be cautious about running too far with these numbers, but Royal Pingdom (using data from StatCounter) has reported/estimated Google’s global mobile search market share to be almost 100%

Google is clearly dominant in mobile search across smartphones (and feature phones). However these numbers may not be completely accurate. For example, the chart above shows PC and mobile search market share according to StatCounter. But while the general PC search share numbers may reflect selected markets (e.g., UK) they’re not accurate for the US and a number of other places around the world.

Article by Greg Sterling from Search Engine Land

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Jul 10

I have been reading about optimization techniques for YouTube videos recently and realized there is more than title and tags re-writing.  The video below from YouTube gives us some insights into what you need to address:

For those of you who don’t have the patience to watch the video, here are the key ingredients for success

1. Title tags – make sure that you encompass what the video is about in less than 60 characters. Sentences are preferred, yoo can also add a URL.

2. Tags – use your Omniture/ Google Analytics insights to find out which keywords users query to find your video content. I also recommend using the YouTube Keyword discovery tool.

3. Description. There is ample space to have a long description of the video. Don’t hesitate to make this section descriptive. YouTiube won’t diaply most of it but at the very least, it will help them to archive the video.

4. Annotations – YouTube offers a variety of format to add annotations in your video. This is very useful to promote videos similar to the one being watched

5. Popularity – Ratings and comments matter. But unless you can encourage your friends and colleagues to rate positively, it’s really abou how engaging and social will be your content.

Jul 10

Well, the founders think that others might like the tool too, and it will go popular beyond SEOs. But from what we’ve seen, advanced users like SEO’s are going to love this search engine ! Which one you ask – Blekko, the new kid on the block !

I don’t think Blekko is the best name they could find but that’s okay, if the search tool does the thing neatly, then I’m happy.


Article by Mani Karthik from Daily SEO Blog

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Jul 10

Right now, up to 25% of the Yahoo Search results are powered by Bing. Yahoo began testing Bing search results this month, currently there are live bucket tests underway on both the organic and paid side.

Mark Morrissey, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Yahoo, told me that while only 3.5% of the paid ads are being powered by Bing in their tests, up to 25% of the organic results can be powered by Bing. Yes, up to 25% of the time you go to Yahoo and conduct a search, it can be a Bing powered set of search results.


Article by Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land

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Jul 10

Honestly, I was a little negative about the idea of ratings extensions when they first started being syndicated. How will we manage the bad feedback? Will the swamp of reviews associated to aggregators ruin small-to-mid level advertisers’ chances to benefit from this extension?

Consumer Driven Call to Action

After a little introspection and some peer debate, my attitude toward the product flipped. If anything this extension allows brands the ability to take over more space on the page while introducing a more dynamic call to action.

As mentioned in “Image Ads in Search – Yep, They Help” around Google’s other extension products, we’ve seen an average increase in CTR of 13 percent while conversion followed at more than 14 percent. Should we expect to see similar increases for advertisers? If Google eventually picks up more onsite review content…you bet.

By Price Glomski, Search Engine Watch

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Jul 10

Wait, first – who do you think is an influential guy ?

If my guess is right, most people think that the person with the most number of followers is. Technically, I can’t disagree. Obviously the more you have the merrier.

But study shows that the number game isn’t really what it is. Its beyond numbers.

Companies measure influence in social media by metrics like engagement value, carrier value, message reach and community influence and most importantly credibility.

Hmm, that’s a tough game altogether right ?

I think I agree to it. Its definitely got to be beyond the numbers.

Article from Daily SEO Blog

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Jul 10