Re-targeting is not new, it’s just new to Google AdWords
Nov 10

As a follow-up to my previous post on re-targeting, I was curious to explore what Google has to offer in its AdWords tool. Re-targeting (or re-marketing as Google calls its) allows you to show AdWords ads with people who’ve previously visited key pages on your website, giving you a powerful new way to match the right people with the right message. It is only available on the Google content network at this point. I am curious to know when this will be made  available in the search network too.

Re-targeting is easy to set-up in AdWords. It only require that you add a little html code to the pages of your websites where you tag visitors. Once those visitors hit a web site from the content network (e.g  Wall Street Journal blog), your ad will show-up. AdWords provides a simple interface in the audience tab to define those settings. Here’s a video from Google that explains it all.


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