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Jul 09

I have been using tinyurl and for sometime. The idea is to shorten long URL to a few letters and save space for more relevant information on Twitter/Facebook status updates. What I realized recently is both URL shortener had a tracking capability. By logging into homepage, I realized that each shortened link has a comprehensive set of stats including:number of clicks, sources (email, facebook, twitter), region (US, UK , France etc ..) and historical perfomance.

I came to realize I did not set-up my google analytics correctly on the blog. There is clearly a discrepancy between traffic from shortened link to what I see in my google analytics dashboard. Thank you

Another coll feature is the ability to go straight to, create shortened link and post it directly to Twitter/Facebook without having to log-in to Twitter or Facebook.

Jul 09

It feels good to be certified. After 15+ hours of online training and one live AdWords campaign, I decided to take the exam. The test consists of 110 questions over 1h15 mns. There is ample time to think. I would even say, there is even time to refer to google AdWords training documentation. In addition to the online videos, make sure you print all 9 chapters and organize them in a binder so that key topics are easy to find. I ended-up finishing the exam 20 mns before time was up. The questions are very similar to the quizzes you can take throughout the exam. No surprise here. It is interesting to see most questions fit into 2 buckets: 1/ Very easy. These are given frankly (for example: what does CPC mean?). 2/ The second set of questions is more tricky. I was reading a post somewhere saying they were typical from a Stanford mind. Not sure what this means but yes some questions are harder. You can argue there is not really a right or wrong answer.

Good luck with it, feel free to reach out if you need some feedback/help for the test.