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Case studies
Kiteboarding School of Maui ®
“SEM Valet caters for small businesses like ours.
Their on-boarding process is easy
and pricing very reasonable”

Jennifer Schale, founder of Kiteboarding School of Maui ®

42,000 keywords and growing
75,000 impressions
900 clicks

About Kiteboarding School of Maui ®
KSM distinguishes itself from other kiteboarding schools on Maui by having an instructional program coupled with an online retail store. KSM has some of the best, most dedicated and passionate kiteboarding coaches/instructors in the world.
Kiteboarding School of Maui ® challenge
KSM was looking for a partner to take-over their Pay-Per-Click campaign. They built the campaign in house but realized they lacked the expertise and resources to bring it to the next level. After some initial research, they were referred to SEM Valet who could offer a high level of performance at a reasonable cost.
SEM Valet strategy
KSM has over the years built a good campaign but lacked the depth required to compete in today’s Google environment. SEM Valet leveraged the best the performing keywords and ad-copies from the previous campaign and revamped the campaign entirely. The keywords reached Google maximum limit very quickly as SEM Valet created IP targeted and geo-modified campaigns for both the store and lessons offering. SEM Valet tested three different ad copies and continued adjusting these as required. After a month of data, SEM Valet optimized the campaign by reviewing the various Google analytics.
The results
Overall, SEM Valet created a campaign that had more than 42,000 keywords and ad copies . In July, the campaign generated more than 75,000 impressions and 1,500 clicks with a click-through rate of 1.2%. There were 12 online conversions during that month (and about the same amount of phone conversions).