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About us
About SEM Valet
We help small and medium businesses owners advertise their products and services
through Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
We help Businesses and digital agencies advertise their product and services through
Search Engines, like Google, Yahoo! And bing.
Anyone can create Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns by bidding on a handful of
keywords. But creating targeted campaigns takes expertise, time and dedication. Often,
small and medium businesses do not have the internal resources to do so and agencies.
Why we are different :
We make it easy for you to make sense of Search Engine Marketing. In plain English.
We use a simplified reporting process that focuses on what matters to you: the number of new customers who came to your web site and submitted an inquiry /sales as a result of your campaigns.
And since your Google or bing campaigns are under your name, you can interrupt your relationship at any time. This is our way of taking responsibility for what we do.
We work increasingly with agencies and help them absorb incremental demand for campaign build and optimizations. In fact we sometime act at their SEM arm so that they can focus on core digital initiatives. What makes us unique is we offer incredible flexibility, expertise at a very reasonable cost.